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Japanese Escort: Minasa's Tale

J.P. All Rights Reserved

My name is Minasa, and if you look at my pictures in the gallery section, you will see that I am a very sexy young London Japanese escort and that just looking at the photos are probably making you very horny; so I guess it will not come as a surprise to find out that most men who date me come so quickly that they extend the date so as to come again. You might think that I’m vain, but if I am it’s for a very good reason. Anyway, read this blog first and then make up your own mind.


My friend Keikoko, whose wonderful photos you can look at in the gallery section, had told me about meeting an elderly gentleman at the Henley Regatta, and that he had said that he would very much like to meet me. Apparently she and her friend Homura had met him by chance and had given him a lesbian show in their suite while he masturbated in an armchair, not even touching them, and saying he was too tired to join in, but had told them that he was looking for a young Japanese escort who could give him a girlfriend experience, so Keikoko had called me, and I had called him to arrange a date.


I have always enjoyed the company of older men, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this Japanese gentleman was even older than any other man I had ever dated; in fact, he was in his eighties and a great grandfather. I met him for dinner at the restaurant in Claridge’s hotel in Mayfair, and he was very polite and told me all about his very interesting life while I listened attentively. After dinner, he took me up to his suite and we sat down on a sofa together. He told me that I was exactly the type of girl that he had fantasised about since his adolescence and paid me so many compliments that it wasn’t at all hard to pretend to blush. I could tell that he was getting very excited, and I decided it was time to be a little naughty, so I took off my dress so that I was sitting there in my white lace underwear, and then I took his hand and placed it on my pert bosom. He unhooked my bra and began to suck on my nipple, almost like a child, then I stroked him between his legs and told him that I really wanted him.


I took him by the hand and walked over to the bed where I undressed him and took off my panties before laying next to him. I was surprised at how hard a man of his age could become, and after kissing him passionately on the lips, I took him in my mouth while I cradled his balls in both my hands. I thought this would be a prelude to the man event, but he couldn’t stop himself from bursting, so I swallowed him and kept him in my mouth until he was completely satisfied.


His fist words were “I think I’ve fallen in love with you.” These were words that I have heard on many occasions, and I told him what he wanted to hear, that I thought how special he was and that I loved being with him. He was too exhausted to go again, and asked me to be his mistress, and when I told him what that would cost, he didn’t even blink. I see him once a week now, and he buys me so many lovely presents, but we both know that what I give him is a perfect girlfriend experience, and I believe that he is quite happy with that.


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