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A brief look at the history of Asian and Oriental escort agencies in London

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Some of you may remember that, not so long ago, in the days before the internet, Asian escort agencies were located in offices or apartments throughout London. A client would appear without an appointment and browse through a book or two of photos along with brief bios of the companion who worked through that agency. The client could ask the receptionist about an escort’s availability and location, and when he had made up his mind, he paid the escort fee and was either given the girl’s address or a meeting was arranged over the phone to meet at a bar or restaurant or even at his home or hotel. Some of these Oriental escort agencies had a room behind the front office where a few girls would wait and come out one by one to meet the prospective client, hopefully to be chosen right there and then for a booking. It was a more personal way of booking a companion, and the client knew what he was getting almost at once.

The internet ushered in an era that made these agencies redundant, and they mostly closed their doors soon after; but there are still many who rue the day that the internet all but killed off that side of the business in London. At the very high end of the business there have always been and still are madams who have call girls who are much more exclusive than those found on Asian escort websites, but of course these are much more expensive as well.

On the galleries of the more high class web based Oriental escort agencies like this one, you will find a wonderful selection of very beautiful Asian, Oriental and Japanese escorts of all ages and inclinations that more than satisfy the expectations of their clients; but if you are rich enough to afford rates that run into thousands of pounds, there are private ‘agencies’ not found on the internet and only accessible through word of mouth, where you can book an intimate date with a model or actress, or just an ordinary girl next door who is so beautiful and engaging that you might fall in love with her at first sight; and that is a problem without a solution, so unless you are reckless and have more money than sense, avoid dating one of those girls at your peril.

Since you are reading this, you might already have browsed through the gallery page and seen for yourself quite how beautiful the companions are. For some men, looks are all that count; but for others personality and disposition are also important, as well as age and the special nature of the services a girl offers. This agency, along with a few other high-class ones, is careful to vet any girl who appears on the website to make sure that she meets the highest standard, as well as determining the full range of her services to help the client make his choice. The truth of the matter is that you get what you pay for; and if you want the best it will always cost a little more, but it’s so much better than being disappointed. In the long run, your needs will be best served if you use one of the more dependable Oriental escort agencies like this one.

Most men eventually conclude that fully satisfying their fantasies and desires with one special girl is far preferable to merely getting off with two average girls who they might think twice about bothering to pick up in a bar; quite apart from the time wasted in sending a below par girl away or making excuses to her at the door of her apartment.

There is one stable datum in the escort world, much the same as in any other business, and that is that a satisfied customer is a repeat customer. Sexy Oriental Escorts is very aware of this, and will always deliver exceptional service and, of course, the very best Asian, Oriental and Japanese escorts to be found on any comparable website.

Here is something to pass away the time while you wait for your chosen escort to arrive by way of a riddle , the answer to which will be given on the next blog to appear on this website. Some of you may already know the answer, but here goes: A man has a wolf, a sheep and a cabbage. He has a small canoe in which he can only take one of these across the river at a time. If he takes the cabbage, the wolf will eat the sheep, and if he takes the wolf, the sheep will eat the cabbage. Obviously, he must take the sheep across first; but how will he get the other two over and in which order?


Have fun….whatever you are doing.


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