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Japanese Escort: Koyuki’s Role Play Adventure

J.P. All Rights Reserved

There are so many different role play scenarios that are played out on a regular basis by Japanese escorts all over the world, but some courtesans turn role play into an art form and none quite as magnificently as Koyuki who can be booked exclusively here in London. Koyuki, as you can see by looking at her gallery pictures, is a very beautiful London Japanese escort with an absolutely amazing body, and she is probably the right fit for almost any fantasy you might have. What follows is an excerpt from the pages of her erotic diary.


As soon as I woke up that morning, I just knew that it was going to be a very interesting day. I sat at my breakfast table drinking coffee and checking my messages when I came across a text from a client I had not seen for over a year who wanted to book me that very afternoon, and who wanted, as usual, a special role play date with his “niece”. After lunch, I dressed in my young girl’s outfit of short skirt, knee socks and blouse, and put on a smart overcoat to conceal this look which would not go down very well with the security at his Mayfair hotel.


When I arrived at his suite, he greeted me as would a favourite uncle and offered me tea which had been ordered from room service before my arrival. We sat together on the sofa, and as was expected in this scenario, I was still in my first year of college, and I began by telling him about how much I liked my studies, then when I thought the moment was right, I shed a small tear and told him that I had spent my tuition fees on expensive clothes and that I didn’t know what to do. On cue, he took me by the hand and told me that he had always loved me in a special way and that he would cover my losses if I would let him play a little game with me. I looked a little shocked when he put his hand on my thigh and lifted up my skirt, but I agreed as I was supposed to in his fantasy.


He put me over his knees and pulled my skirt up t my waist, then he spanked me lightly on my pretty bum while telling me what a naughty girl I had been; after a while he pulled down my panties and touched me intimately between my legs which I responded to with the type of sighs and moans that a young girl might make when touched for the first time. Then he sat me up again and undid my blouse before fondling my pretty breasts and sucking on my perfect nipples. It didn’t take long for him to get very excited and soon he told me to kneel on the floor and when he took off his trousers I cradled his balls in my soft hands and began to lick his cock; then, when I knew that he was ready to burst, I took him in my mouth and I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what happened next. Well, I got an extra sweet treat which I swallowed quite happily. Do you think I’m very naughty? You’d be right, of course.


I will keep writing about my role play adventures, and I hope you will come again and again reading about them.


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